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Local News Advertising Inclusion List

NewsPass ID, a strategic initiative of the Local Media Consortium (LMC),  in partnership with the Brand Safety Institute, has created a media-buying “Local News Advertising Inclusion List” that opens up thousands of vetted local media advertising opportunities for national brands and companies.

Any buyer using this list should use appropriate MRC accredited vendors for audience and ad delivery verification. Additionally, buyers should exercise brand suitable judgement in determining content types such as news, opinion/commentary, consumer comments, and more they find desirable for their advertising targeting on publisher's digital products.


Prospective Advertising Buyers
Prospective Publishers

1) LMC uses a third party auditor, Alliance for Audited Media, to independently validate traffic of any local news publisher that is onboarded into the LMC.

2) LMC staff works with all news publishers and publisher holding companies to validate their local coverage and the markets they serve.

3) All LMC members leverage the LMC shared services model with the vendor companies and work with LMC staff to further validate quality controls after the onboarding process.  These vendors include ad servers, content management systems, audience verification, subscription systems, and more. 


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